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Financial assistance is to support dancers who demonstrate financial need to continue their training. Applications will be accepted throughout the year.

*Applicant MUST be a resident of the State of Delaware to apply for financial aid.

*Dance students must be age 12 or older at the time of submitted application.

*A dance student can only apply 1 time per fiscal year which is September 1 - August 31.

*A dance student can only apply for a total of $500.00 within a fiscal year (Sept.1 - Aug.31).

*A cover letter explaining the reason  (ex - a change in family income/circumstances, ability to pay, etc..) for the financial aid request must be included.

*A copy of the current COMPLETED tax return (signed) must be submitted. 

*Teacher Recommendation Form must be completed and submitted. 

-Please note that, if approved, the financial assistance will be given directly to the studio or dance program and not to the applicant.

Financial Aid Request


Financial Assistance Teacher Recommendation Form

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